Streamlined Environment Configuration.

Synchronize environment variables, anywhere your code can run.

Envious securely synchronizes your software project's environment variables across developers, pipelines, servers, and anywhere else your code can run. By centralizing environment variable management, your devops work is simplified, your programmers never have the wrong variables, and setting up your project is quicker than ever.

Diagram of the data flow in Envious

Set Up Once, Synchronize Forever

Add Envious to different types of projects and environments by following our detailed walthroughs or tutorial videos. Then Envious will keep all of your variables up-to-date across your systems, without any manual configuration changes.

Easily Switch Between Environments

Envious allows you to switch between environments without the hassle of managing separate environment files or manually changing variable values on your systems. You can easily set up production, development, and more environments in the Envious console.

Built-In Security

Your variable values are end-to-end encrypted, from the moment you submit them in your project console all the way to the moment you use them. Even if a bad actor gains access to our database, they will not be able to read your variable values. See our security page for more information.

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